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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yikes A Brown Snake!!! Watch Out!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a very disturbing entry today!  Poor My Yollie, had the biggest fright of her life today!  I didn't know what had happened to her, all I heard was this horrible loud scream.  I have never heard anything like it before.  I was very worried, I didn't even know what it was, or if the sound was even human.  It turns out there is a Brown Snake in the front yard of My Yollie's house.
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My Yollie nearly stepped on it!!!!  The terrible scream I heard was My Yollie, when she jumped out of it's way.  This is what she told us when she came down to check on us all and lock us up safe and sound......

My Yollie was out the front of her house doing some gardening after helping the little one with her home work after school.  My Yollie said she heard some rustling under the big pine trees on the council strip, but did not think much of it.  When she had finished putting in the new plants, she went over to get the hose.  Doing so she let out the blood curdling scream I heard.  She was reaching over to turn on the tap, she looked down and between her feet lay a brown snake.  She startled it probably as much as it startled her. Like a flash it whipped up and thrashed around her unprotected legs.  My Yollie jumped out of it's way as quickly as possible to avoid being bitten.   Next she ran inside to call the council, which were of no use at all and did not know how to help her or what they could do.  Next she called the snake catchers, they were not really any better. They told her there wasn't anyone available to come out to remove it today. All they could offer was to set up a bate trap which will cost her $160, but there was nothing they could do today!!  She really does not know what to do.  The last place she followed it to was under the cement driveway.  My Stewart (My Yollie's life-bond-mate)looked on the internet to see if there was any repellent to keep it away from the house and the castle. He sprayed citronella around, not that the info available was very optimistic. Hopefully this works though, for all our sakes; Our humans, Holly, Blossom, Chester, Ariel, Belle, Tink, Pox, Will, Barney, the fish in our pond, Daddy, Mummy, Patches and me! Till next time. Think of us poor guys - Hopefully we have good news to report.

Sweetie xoxo


Jason said...

When you have castle full of pets. A snake is quite a worry thing. You have made me think about the safety of my chickens.

"Sweetie" the English Spot Bunnie said...

Hi Jason,

Absolutely!! I was told by my neighbour today that it was seen the other day on Young Street. She said a motorist stopped their car and knocked on her door to let them know that it was in the area. So please do take care. We now have a trap set - Not that I have much faith in it (it's a bit of nylon netting staked down with a couple of sticks????) This trap is meant to service 4 average house blocks. It cost me $160 and may take months to catch the snake. I called the council but because it was seen on my property last, it's my problem and they won't get involved! This is very upsetting especially when it came from the road! :( Keep safe, Yollie

janet said...

Oh that photo of the chick sleeping under Mum stole my heart...too cute!

have a lovely day

janet xox

PS..thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog.

"Sweetie" the English Spot Bunnie said...

Hi Janet,

Thank you very much for visiting,stop by anytime, and I'll let "Willow" know you said so!

take care, Sweetie ;0)