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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am back ! Fit, healthy and full of life .... well it is spring!

Good day everybun, it is with great pleasure I announce it is I, Sweetie, here to update today's blog!
Firstly I would like to give my daddy bun, Angel a big whisker tickle and lots of nose bumps to let him know how much I love him and thank him for staying with me while I recovered....  (kisses Angel)
(above) Angel saying his bunny prayers for me to get better.
Next, please accept my most sincere thanks and gratitude to all my wonderful friends out there in the big wide world. Your messages of love, caring and encouragement were all passed onto me and I thank you very much.  They also made Yollie feel humbled to know so many wonderful people care.
Below is a video of me, with Mummy-bun (Teegee lying near the fence) and Daddy (with his bot-bot facing the camera) *rolls eyes*.  As you can see I am fit and well once more! 

Now I would like to post two photos of pretty things I got to see while in with my Yollie and Little Princess and (please don't tell ANYTONE, my absolute favourite human) ....Stewart.  
 (above) A Peace Lilly
 (Above) A rowing Ant!!!!  this just made me giggle and giggle.  My Yollie was not impressed that I kept trying to sneak this fella into the bathroom. I only wanted to see if he would really row in the bath?...  I  have not given up on my little ant friend yet!

 And this gorgeous specimen of a rose, I got to see (and nibble) while My Yollie took a stroll with me in the front garden....  It is an Old World Rose and it has a candy stripe. It smells sooooo good ;o)
And finally, I have a question.  Do you want to know what a sleeping bunny looks like?  
No? Go on, I know you want to....
Well here it is.
 Ah, I hear you proclaim,
"But, Sweetie, he is awake!" 
Well, that is not quite true.  An interesting fact of some prey animals is that we can sleep with our eyes open!  It is true.  Look at the clip again and you will notice Patches' nose stop 'twitching' ....  
 Ok, so when his nose is not twitching, you will also notice his eyes relax, hey presto! 
Sleeping bunny.  
Good isn't it.  So it is probably not a good idea to play a game of 'stare' with a relaxed and sleepy bunny. You won't win.

That is all from me, have a buntastic week and remember.......
Don't be shy to say Hi!
Sweetie xoxoxox


Clovie Boy said...

Ah, so good to hear all is well in the kingdom of Fairy Castle Farm!

Lisa H said...

Glad everyone is feeling better :) love the open eye sleeping! Our guys do that alllll the time!

Krystle said...

Glad your bun is feeling better. We have one rabbit that loves to flop on his back and sleep with feet in the air, head tilted sideways and eyes halfway closed. The first few times I found him like this I panicked as he looked as if he were dead! Now we find it funny!

Yollie, the human of Fairy Castle Farm said...

Thanks for leaving comments ladies....
@Sue - it is good to be well here at FCF!

@Lisa - thanks and I love when Sweetie does this sleeping thing and I disturb her, she acts all like "what, me? sleeping? NEVER!" and just carries on with her business. too cute for words ;o)

@Krystle - I know exactly what you mean!! Angel, as a baby did what you describe ALL the time. It took me ages to get used to it. I remember my heart pounding that first time I saw him, with all his might flop to one side, then twist his back right around and then roll his eyes to the back of his head! I think I actually froze in shock. Crazy little guys they are! I just love them to bits ;o) thanks for visiting and sharing your story

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a nice little adventure! Sogna sleeps with her eyes open too :), at least she always used to, now she closes them sometimes.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Yay! Welcome back Sweetie! We have just welcomed a bunny into our home...and we love him! You bunny folk are gorgeous.

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Oh, thanks Mrs Bok... and we unanimously concur ... "Tim-Tam is Bun-tastic!!!" congratulations and happy early-birthday to Miss Bok.