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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, we are still here, a catch-up ......

Hello to all our wonderful and caring friends,
Sweetie here,
 So sorry we have not blogged in what seems like forever!

Hi, here in the window, yes that's it ... I'm in the castle (Teegee)
Many wonderful things have been taking place here in the Kingdom; Princess Willow is thriving and growing with eachday.

  Mum and Dad are still happy and living harmoniously as are Patches and I.  Yollie is still hopeful in re-bonding us as a family of four, time will tell.
(L) Angel and (R) Teegee - loving life again, together xx 

Holly (aka the beast) Dog is ageing well, she spends more time indoors of late, with Nannie beside the heater in the Granny flat.  

However, unfortunately some not so nice things have been to visit too.  Miss Princess had a horrible bout of Pneumonia and her most recent samples for Salmonella have still tested positive, so we will have to wait a little longer for a clear bill of health.  My Yollie battled Bronchitis not once but twice this last month!!  Mr Stewart too fell ill to the spell of the Flu ...  But enough about icky illness back on to the good stuff!

Firstly I would like to thank you all for visiting. Although My Yollie has not been well enough to post of late, we have enjoyed reading of all your adventures.  Mrs Bok, we are very excited to hear your family will be adopting a feline too, soon.  And Speedy, thanks so much for caring about us... we have missed you too!

Welcome all new followers and guests from all over the world, we hope you enjoy your window to our Kingdom.
Still picking mountains of tomatoes, you wouldn't know it's already winter!!

I leave you all with a picture of our Kingdom and all the hardwork we have been doing to plant up the castle veggie garden...  well, I have been helping, I promise.  Eating the spent plants is helping! *giggles*

xoxo Sweetie


Jade said...

Glad to hear all is well now--so sorry to hear about all the humans being so very ill. Mr. Mick and I will be thinking good thoughts for continued good health and regular blogging. :)

Michelle May said...

Oh the poor humans have been through such a terrible time. Sending lots of light and love to all of you. Sure have missed you.

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Thank you so much Ladies, Jade we feel them coming our way, ((hugs)) to both you and Mr Mick. Shell we are glad to be back too xx Take care, Sweetie xx

speedyrabbit said...

Speedy Here"sorry that you humans have been so poorly lately so I'm sending you all my super snuggles to get you all well again"princess willow is looking like a proper princess now! nose bonks to you Sweetie.xoxoSpeedy

Fairy Castle Farm said...

kisses and nose bonks back at'cha Speedy xx ~Sweetie