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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Milestone to Celebrate ...

Hi Everyone,
It's Sweetie here again.  My Kingdom has returned to normal. All is good in the land. The rodent has returned from whence it came!!! Ahhh, bliss!

I have some wonderful news to share with you all.  Guess what I found today! Go on guess.....  No? Okay well I'll just tell you.  It's very exciting....  Young Willow or "Will" as we like to call her,

her, just .....  I know the suspense is killing me too. Let me just get on with it ...  Now where was I?   Oh yes.  Young Will celebrated a huge milestone today.  She laid her first egg!!!  Yep, her very first goog!    She is so clever, we didn't hear a peep out of her.  And to think Patches kept telling us she was a he. How wrong can my brother be? Luckily for Will she is a SHE or you know how it goes for the boy chooks once they start crowing in suburban neighbourhoods.  Thank goodness we don't have to worry about all that. So long as we keep quiet, spayed or neutered, to our selves and out of trouble, we are fine, especially if we are luck enough to reside in a castle!  Okay your right, I am very happy at the moment and yes I have forgiven My Yollie. Now that everything has returned to normal, who can stay mad with such a loving and caring human? Well not I.  So until next time, take care Sweetie xox


Claire said...

Congrats to WIll on laying her first egg, that is indeed terribly exciting. I wonder how that egg will be used?How old is Will Yollie, she looks about the same size as my Barnie chick who was born in December.
After seeing your pullet I am pretty sure we have two males and one female, oh well.
Autumn is lovely here I hope you are enjoying it too. thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend.

Claire :}

Yollie Boag said...

Thanks Claire, The mind is a boggle. I will have to let you know when I have decided. So far thoughts of buttercake, banana muffins, herb muffins .... um, not sure just yet. It's just too much excitement all at once ;o)

Jason said...

Congrats to Will from me also. I wonder what it is like for a chicken laying her first egg? Excitement or just 'glad that's over with'. I have 4 chickens and it always surprises me how unconcerned they are when we take their eggs.

Anyway on another topic I have started a blog too http://zucchiniisland.blogspot.com Current post is about a weird vegetable.

Yollie Boag said...

Hi Jason, I wonder the same! Except for Miss Tinkerbelle. You would honestly think she was being done for when you walk past or make a noise let alone attempt to remove her egg!! she lets off an almighty call. She sounds like she has turned on an alarm. We try to leave her alone for a while until she is ready to return to foraging. Unfortunately we cannot control Ariel and I am sure she likes to disturb Tinkerbell on purpose just to set her off! I had a look at your blog and became a follower, it looks cool! Good luck :-)Yollie.