Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Please forgive Miss Sweetie....(A message from Yollie)

I'ts Yollie here. I'm filling in for Sweetie.  Not that I really have a choice. As I am sure you have seen she is not happy and is currently hiding out in her burrow.  I thought I should do the right thing and introduce you to our little guest, also called Sweetie.

 All that sulking for nothing really.  This little girl is a pleasure to look after. She is no bother at all. The best bit is that she goes home in 2days.  I really don't know what my bunny is fussing over!
I would hardly call this little treasure anything but precious.  (Just keep it between us though) You have seen how my "baby" bunny gets with what she considers "competition".

That is about it from me, I'm not really very good at the blog writing thing. I'll leave that for Sweetie (bunny) when she comes out of hiding.
Take care, Yollie

Let me know when the rodent has left the building!

Hi, it's a "not very happy" Sweetie here,

I am not a very happy bunny at the moment.  Can you believe what My Yollie has done? She has opened her home to none other than a Guinea Pig!!! A rodent, like it's not bad enough we have to contend with mice but now a real life Guinea Pig.  To top it off it's name is also "Sweetie" so not only to I have to share my castle, but my name too!!!  Did I mention I'm not happy? :o( !!!!!!!!!  So just let me know when the "visitor" has gone!  I'll be in my burrow.  Until my kingdom returns to normal, Sweetie xx

Do you see me, in my burrow?  I'm behind Will

 Oh, I can't bear to look at her, and she has the same name as me!!!  Yep that's right I share my name with a rodent!
Has she gone yet?!?

Monday, February 21, 2011

All Hail, The Emperor visits the Fairy Castle

Hi Everyone,

It's Sweetie here,  big news today!  We had a very important visitor to our Castle.  It was a short, broad, smooth but spiky looking caterpillar. Oh, a caterpillar I hear you say, well  not just any old caterpillar but an Emperor Gum Moth (once it goes through metamorphosis) none the less!!

Here take a look at the regal little guy...

He crawled onto a paper towel, and kept very still for a photo.  I think we even got a cheesy grin!!
Here's a photo of an Australian stamp with the little guy on it : Opodiphthera eucalypti
and this is what the little guy will look like one day:

Opodiphthera eucalypti
Onto other news.  My Yollie brought this adorable little lady home from the local fleet market on the week end. What do you think.  I call her "Mabel Bunny" I think it suites her.  I like how she keeps an eye on our fruit and vegetable harvest. I made sure I had a good chat with her, to make sure she's up with all the goings on of castle life here.  I think she will fit in just great.  Dad and Mum seem to like her too. Who knows with my goofy brother, no one really knows what he's thinking most of the time!!

And finally, I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday Chessy, 10 today!!!!  He has had a lovely day, doing what he does best.  He kept an eye on us while we were having our morning romp while the other eye was having a rest.  He shooed away the pigeons while the chooks had their brekky and then had a big nap, in the bit of sun we had today on top of the hay bale.  After his nap he caught that pesky mouse who should know better than scurrying around his resting area and left it for My Yollie.  He got a nice supper of warm oats with butter and milk followed by some birthday chicken (please don't tell the feathered ones that live here!!).  All in all a wonderful day!  Take care till next time, Sweetie xox

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a full moon tonight!!

Hi Everyone,
It's Sweetie here.  Hope you are all ready for the full moon tonight?  
Every full moon is such a strange event for us. 

 Firstly "Beast" (Holly to all you humans) gets all moody and hyper, pacing up and down the yard, I don't know what she is expecting? Then she sits and gazes at the moon, I tell you it's creepy! Enough to make a little bunny want to hide in the dungeon and stick her head in the hay!!!  

Next our faithful mouser "Chester" goes all mysterious and sneaky. 
I tell you, it's the moon, it has to be.  He even makes this funny chatter sound as he creeps around our castle's boundary. I just hope it's the mice he's chattering too!  Oh, yes almost forgot, it has not stopped raining ALL day.  I mean it, ALL DAY!!  Luckily my Yollie topped up the dungeon with fresh crisp hay (perfect for snuggling and hiding from "lunatic" beasts) too keep us dry and clean.
Well that's about it from me, back to the dungeon to keep safe and far from all the "Lunatics".  
Till next time, keep well - Sweetie xox

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day of contrasts...

Hi it's Sweetie,
So, today has been interesting.  The temperature reached 31 and humid, but by late afternoon it changed completely.  It starting blowing a gale and my Yollie tells us to expect thunder storms.
My Yollie was busy tying down anything that moves and locking us up nice and tight in the castle.  She even took down our favourite wind chime for the night, so we can get some sleep!  This morning however was fabulous.  My family and I had the best time exploring around the castle grounds.  I got into to all sorts of  interesting places.  I like to keep a really, really close eye on things especially anything new or different.
 I love musical or sparkly things and if I'm lucky, sometimes my "Little Human" leaves me treasures to find. Today it was fairies, with sparkly wings that move!!  I had a ball playing with them,  I love to toss them around and pretend they are flying I was having the best time!  Until, Patches! He is always spoiling my fun, I'm starting to think he                                                        

does it on purpose, brothers!!  I'll tell you what happened.  He decided to come over, I tried to hide my secret find but unfortunately they sparkled just at the wrong time!  He ruined the game, he was too rough and started to nibble on the wings, I know how rude!!!! So my Yollie took them away.  It's ok, I gave him a really good chase around the grounds. I'm much fitter and faster than him, so when I caught up to him he got a nip on the rump!  Serves him right, teach him to spoil my fun!  

Onto happier things, our garden is going fabulously, all the melons are growing each day and the butternut pumpkins are really taking off now and my Yollie is picking lots of tomatoes each day.  I love this time of year, especially when we get little treats straight from the garden when my Yollie goes past with her bounty on her way inside.  I thought I would share a quick clip where my dad comes in to see what I'm up to in the castle dungeon.  Hope you like it.  Till next time, take care.


 Sweetie xox

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi everyone, it's Sweetie here.

I have a very interesting fact to share with you all today. Did you know there is no other more romantic, loving and smoochy animal than bunnies??


Well you do know what they say
"breed like bunnies"
Well, we had to get the reputation from somewhere!

In my humble bunny opinion I  think we are very smoochy,

Happy Valentines Day EveryBun!!!

(My Mummy and Daddy having a smooch)

Hey, get a warren already!!!!

From Sweetie.... and remember 'Don't be shy to say Hi !!!'

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It's Sweetie here, aren't these little guys just the cutest! My Yollie saw a segment on "Dr Harry" where he said it's important to keep Chickens environmentally enriched.  He suggested amongst other things, Styrofoam. They love this stuff so much. It even keeps a pretty good beat, mixed in with the new wind chime we have our very own orchestra!
Dr Harry said it is perfectly healthy and the foam passes right through their system, he warned that they cannot get enough of the stuff!  We think he is right, what do you thing?
That is about it from me, except to say we have had a very soggy morning, it has rained lightly non stop.

I have been hiding out in my castle, can you see me?

(I'm looking through the window - click to enlarge)

Till next time, Sweetie xoxoxo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curious Barnevelders (Barneys)


The "Barney Boys"(front) and "We hope she's a girl" (back)

Willow ("Will" for short)

Short Clips

Mum's such a pushover!!: (look behind me, right at the end of the clip to see what I mean)


And destructive, I was just trying to have a laze around and then ...

"Kiss Chase"


Angels "Bunny Races" practice run,,,

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A day in pictures ...


 Hi everyone, it's Sweetie here, we had a nice romp out side in the castle grounds this morning. As I am your tour guide, I'll take you around to see what's new.
Nothing new here, this is my Goofey brother, Patches, He is so lazy, this is pretty much all he does except for, day dream about his girl-bun (Elvie the Cwazy Wabbit) and eat, boy can he eat!He steals it right out of our mouths, you should see him,
then he runs for his life, because he knows what's good for him, especially when I catch up with him! KAPOW!!!
This is mummy, Teegee, when Yollie comes out with the camera, she can't help herself, she's such a poser!

See what I mean! Poser!
Can you tell I'm not impressed! She is always showing off! 

I mean it, ALWAYS!!
Here is my Daddy, Angel. Angel decided to go back into the castle, just to check the perimeter. He is always on patrol, good old Daddy!
Phew! Dad says everything is okay for now, but he will keep an "ear" out.
Mummy is trying ever so sweetly to get Daddy to sneak the cucumber to eat, she has no shame!!!
I hope he doesn't give in, Yollie won't be happy.
Yay, he didn't give in.  It survives another day!
This is my little friend "Will" who is a chook but thinks he is a bunny!! We have to keep kicking him out of our burrow.
I wouldn't mind (don't tell anyone) but he isn't toilet trained, not in my burrow thanks!!
These are the siblings, the "Barney Boys" (front two) and "We hope it's a girl" in the back

Yucky Zucchini! No thanks!
"Barney Boys"

Basil, one of my all time favourite  herbs!
I just can't get enough, especially
with tomato, oh! just thinking about
it makes me hungry!

This is the first Sunflower, It has gone to seed and Yollie will pick it soon and keep it safe to store as food for us. The humans also eat some and some are returned to the ground next time to grow!
The baby watermelons are not so baby now!

These rockmelon or (cantaloupe) are starting to ripen
Yummy rockmelon, I think my tummy is rumbling!

Tomatoes of all types, we love them yummmmmmmmy!!!! We are so lucky, we get to pick some of our very own, straight from the tree! Yollie does supervise, as we can get a little too excited, only sometimes! Promise : )

Tomatoes Galore!!!!

Santorino Tomatoes ...  no staking/watering required

Not long now till these ripen!
What'cha got there, Mum??  Oh, I see now, Yollie got us a new windchime??  Neat! I love pretty sounds.

The Cuecumbers are still growing, 
Egg plants (not good for bunny eating) better for Yollie and the humans!

We were lucky to find this little treasure, Tansy, to keep pests away, thanks Yollie.
This Worm Wood does the same, but it also stinks to us bunnies, we do not like it at all!!!!  Luckily Yollie keeps it at a safe distance!  Well that is all for now, till next time, Sweetie signing off!!  XXXX