Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet, "Billy" the Kitty - Our new friend -Oh and "Katpoo Kopi" what's that you ask? well scroll to Jungle June Part 6!!!

HI, Sweetie here, 

Look at all the places around the world that have visited us today  - Welcome to Spain and Kenya- we are almost at 1000!

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I wanted to introduce you all to our new little friend : "Billy" the Kitty.

 He does not live with us, but we get to visit and have a play when we go to My Yollie's,  Nonna and Nonno's house (this is Grandma and Grandpa in Italian).

He is soooo cute. But he is a guts!!  He never knows when to stop eating.

He would just eat all day if you let him!

 You should see the big tummy on the little boy!  We keep him moving when we visit!  Billy gets grumpy easily when he can't keep up with us, he goes off in a huff.  This only makes us think he is even cuter!!

What do you think?  Is he a cutie pie?

 Now, onto "Jungle June part 6".  Today I have the photos of the "Bali Orchid Park" My Yollie said this was not a place she planned on visiting but was very glad that their Driver, Made took them there.  She had never seen so many beautiful flowers in one place before.  My Yollie was also very surprised that some of the Orchids even had a beautiful fragrance.

 The guide said this one below was a cross  between a Pineapple and a Banana!  MMMMmmmmmm Bananas - Yuuuuuuummmmmmyyyy - wonder what the plant "tastes" like to a bunny?

 My Yollie said there were lots and lots of these little guys roaming around the park.

 The plant below is actually an "air" plant. My Yollie has one inside, but she had never seen one so big and with such a beautiful bloom.
 This one below is teeny tiny. It is not a real pineapple but a pineapple flower, pretty isn't it.

 I think this one looks like an Angel - Just like my Daddy-bun ={;o3
 See the Angel in the flower?  I can.
 Ooooh, this little guy is called a Civet, they have a very nasty bite!  see it's toothy peg??
 Guess what the Balinese discovered with these animals??  If you feed them coffee beans, they will pass them through their system and poop them out!  Well not rocket science there .... but .... now here's the interesting and kinda gross to humans bit(I don't get all the fuss as bunnies understand the idea perfectly),
see My Yollies bemused and shocked expression?

  ....  where was I?  That's right.  This little guy poops out coffee beans, then the people collect them, put them through a purification process and then guess what they do?......
 Yep, use them to make coffee!  It is one of the most expensive in the world and its called "Katpoo Kopi" .  Apparently, by being first digested by the Civet it takes the bitterness out of the bean so it is one of the most pleasant and palatable coffee experiences, sounds good doesn't it?
My Yollie however could not get past the thought of where it had been to be game enough to try it.  So if anyone out there has tried it, please feel free to let us know what it was like!!!  Don't be shy - we wont judge!
 Honestly, we won't - we get it!

 Here is a ginger flower.

 And lastly a red trunk palm - very pretty hey! I bet tasty too!!

Well that's it for us. Catch you soon!  Sweetie xoxoxo