Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Current: Clear
Wind: W at 23 km/h
Humidity: 17%
36° | 24°
27° | 19°
31° | 18°
29° | 17°

Somehow I think they got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

41 is not quiet the 36 they were expecting, but we are still doing ok, 
we just hope the 27 for tomorrow is at least 
                  somewhere under 33, well we can only hope! 

Tinkerbelle Parades her brood, proud mother hen!

Hi Every bun, 

Sweetie here, 
click below to see our proud hen Tinkerbelle taking her brood out for a scratch.  It's their first one!  She has 8 healthy, hungry and noisy chicks to take care of.  We think she does a fantastic job...


That's all from me today, have a bun-tastic visit and catch up soon.

Remeber, don't be shy to say Hi!!

Sweetie xoxoxox

Currently no new Adoptions Available

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my ads.  Currently all the little wonders are happily adopted out to their new homes.  If I have spoken to you and discussed waiting lists/waiting to confirm gender etc this is still in place, however apart from these existing requests in progress, I do not have any more available at this time.  Please contact me if you would like to be placed on a waiting list as I will have more later in the year.

thanks again, Yollie

The Barnevelder is a rare breed. Originating from Holland. Dark brown colouring with double laced feathers, medium sized (3.2-3.6kg). Easy to care for and excellent layers of dark brown eggs. Docile and tame yet active and hardy bird. Male and female available now. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Think about somewhere cool!

We are doing ok!

Current: Clear
Wind: E at 8 km/h
Humidity: 22%
Mostly Sunny
36° | 23°
37° | 23°
Mostly Sunny
27° | 19°

Hi, it's Sweetie here,  We are doing ok! The weather is hot, but not quite as high as for-casted. We have been keeping cool in the burrow and having lots of fresh drinks.
The Chooks are not quite as refreshed as us but doing the best they can, coping not too badly.  Yollie has been giving them plenty of mists with the hose to help keep cool.  They look so funny with soggy feathers, but they don't smell so funny.... poohey! 

Take care, oh and good luck to all the children for back to school tomorrow!

Sweetie xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's going to be a scorcher

Are you ready for the heat?

Yollie tells us the forecast is a scorcher!!!! Tomorrow will be 39c, Sunday 39c and a whopping 40c on Monday, which unfortunately is also back to school for my little human princess - starting big year 2!!
So I thought it was a good idea to share what we do to prepare for this type of extreme weather:
  • Wake up really, really early, even before the sun rises(or the pesky, noisy, messy, smelly, rude.... you get the picture, hens).
  • Eat, eat, eat and yes you guessed it eat.  It keeps us cooler in the day if we eat early and then just lay back and snooze the heat of the day away.
  • Next we drink a lot of cool and fresh water.
  • Finally we find a nice cool spot away from the heat. In the wild this is in a burrow. Domestically it's the coolest place in our hutch or run (or if were lucky enough to be a "house" bunny probably near the cooler). Although I love visiting the "humans" house, it can be a little too busy and "human-ie" for long periods of time, there is only so much a little bunny can take in the human world, as much a I do love them dearly, they just aren't bunnies are they? Besides we are just the luckiest bunnies in the world because, wait for it, wait for it, we are lucky enough to have an underground burrow right under our castle. I know very clever hey, and guess what, I dug it all by my self!!!!  I defend it dearly and my family need a secret password protected by me to gain access.  I change my password daily and if they get it wrong, you guessed it... OUT!!!  Luckily for my family I'm not only called "Sweetie" after a Donkey (who lives in Dundees Wildlife Park located in Murray Bridge, South Australia), I am actually quite sweet in nature too.
  • Now comes in some help from my Yollie, she gives us frozen water bottles to lay against when we venture out of our burrow. She keeps a fresh supply of cool water in our bowl and gives us (fridge) cold carrots to chew like ice blocks, YUM!!!
  • Lastly Yollie will hang heavy blankets/towels around out castle and keep them misted so as to act as a natural cooler as the air passes through it.
So as you can see it's really not that bad, with a little preparation and good care from my humans the heat can be ok.  I think the worst part is missing out on all the hopping and bounding around, playing with Patches.

As for the chooks, well pretty much the same as us accept they don't go under ground and keep to shady places, oh and they sleep in.

till next time, try and keep cool if you too will be suffering extreme heat,

Sweetie xxx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!

Hi, It's Sweetie here, just wanted to give a quick "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie"..... "Oi, Oi Oi" and wish all Australians a very happy and safe Australia Day.

It has been go, go,go since I last spoke! 

(Little Miss is on the right)
 We have said another goodbye to one of our baby chicks. She has been adopted by a lovely family, which we know will love and take care of her always. Bye little miss!!  Other news, our veggies have been going crazy, my belly is so full it's a wonder I can get up to "Watch-Out" tower, whats a bunny to do???  The carrots, lettuce, parsley, beet leaves, tomatoes are all just sooooo yummy!  There has even been enough to share, with left overs for the compost heap.

My Daddy, Angel
 Moving on I will start making some introductions, starting with my Dad: Angel, isn't he just the "ants pants"?!? He's a great daddy to boot.  The biggest mushpot ever, he has the best bunny manners with my Human, Yollie.  He always greets her nicely, gives her a little lick on the hand and a cute tilt and flick of the ears before taking any treats.  Let me tell you I've suffered more than a couple of nips on the rear for forgetting my manners.  Angel is also very curious, always double and triple checking the boundaries of our property.  He keeps telling me "better to be safe, safe, safe than sorry, sorry, sorry!" I am sure he's right especially when it comes to that monster of a hound "Holly" or as we affectionately call her "BEAST".

Well that's about it from me, till next time

Sweetie xxx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Fairy Castle Farm"

Hello and Welcome to Fairy Castle Farm,
My name is Yolanda, but my bunnies call me Yollie.
Yes that's right my bunnies talk to me, they have so much to say. It is not with words, but actions. Some of it I must admit is down right crazy stuff but other times I think they really are very clever and special, teaching me a great deal about trust, acceptance and above all happiness. I would love to share it with you too.  
 I  would like to introduce you to my whole furry, feathered, scaled and skin brood:  My bunnies are a breed of Old English Spot (or also known as English Butterfly): Angel, the dad, Teegee, the mum, Sweetie their daughter and Patches their son. (scroll page across to see whole picture)

My Chooks are Isa Browns: Ariel and Belle. Tink is my Light Sussex and sadly on Friday 13th January 2012 our newest addition to the clan Wilbur our Sweet Barnevelder Rooster, suddenly and sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
RIP Wil Nov 2010 - Jan 2012
Front: Belle, Rear: Ariel
Ever Elusive "Fish"
Apart from my "Castle" residents I also have our guardian and protector of the brood, my beloved and very old mouser, "Sir Chester the Cat" or simply 'Chester' for convenience . 
The humans that share Fairy Castle Farm are, my wonderful husband Stewart, whom the bunnies refer to as "Yollie's bonded mate", my dear little "Miss Princess" and finally our patient and kind "Nannie".
Early in 2011 our dear old girl, Blossum (a rescued MalteeseX) passed away at a very old age of 18+years. We remember her fondly and have so many wonderful memories of her (R.I.P Blossom)Last but not least is my trouble maker, Holly Dog (our Dalmatian).  
 I really do hope you enjoy reading about the many and varied adventures as well as viewing the wonderful photos of my suburban "farm".
Cheers, Yollie
Sweetie, Spokes Bun of Fairy Castle Farm

PS - I almost forgot, most of the time it will be "Sweetie" my trusted bunny guide who will be keeping you updated, she is very much more interesting than me, and sees the world through "bunny eyes" which is always so much fun!  So to finish, as Sweetie would say....  we would love to hear from you too .... Remember, Don't  be Shy to Say Hi!  
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