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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby chicks meet the outside world! Our babies are growing up (wipes a tear)

Glorious day everyone and bun ....  Our Chicks are growing up so fast!  At the ripe old age of 4 (days) look at them go!

The 7 chicks had a wonderful day out in the sunshine today.  After hours of exploring (in their huge enclosure as you see above - hee,hee) they were bundled up and taken back indoors - into their ornate teachest equipped with a heatlamp to sleep off their grand adventures. Lucky chicks!

Onto other business ......
 As winter comes to an end (hop - hop - hooray) the moss lives out it's final days....

What I would give to know Holly's thoughts???? Any ideas?

 On to some other bunderful moments today:
 Beautiful blooms to bring in Spring....
 The birds of paradise - praise the sun shine :o)

 The promise of yummy strawberries on their way (tummy grumbles) .....

To finish ...  they may look small and cute and Sweet,
but let me tell you ----  they sure can belt out a mighty CHEEP!
Till next time, take care from Sweetie xoxo


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

So cute, wish they stayed this size. I like the fact you are branching out in your subject photos, gorgeous plants, but it was so so many to look through in one post, I hope you do not mind me saying this. :)

Yollie, the human of Fairy Castle Farm said...

lol, of course not Lindy, I am just honoured you visited my blog - it would be a crime if you took the time to pop over and then there was nothing interesting to discover :o) Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by xx

Two Bunny Blog said...

The chickies are too, too cute!

Jade said...

Love those little fluffy peepers, they are just too cute. :)

Clovie Boy said...

I really enjoy all your photos. Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm particularly fond of your group shots of the bunnies.

P.S. Thanks for sharing your sweet "sposa" story!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Yollie, your flower photography is stunning. I love all of those close-ups. It's like getting in on a wonderful secret. And I love how you describe the birds of paradise as singing praises.

Now for what Holly is thinking of the cat you are petting.... "I still think it would make a good chew toy."


PS - Thanks for following my blog. I will be running a contest soon and the winner will receive a lovely digital scrapbooking software package. Stay tuned.

Yollie, the human of Fairy Castle Farm said...

@2bb - they just are aren't they! can't stop cuddling them ;o)

@Jade - thanks and PEEP is the word!

@Clovie Boy - Glad you liked our 'sposa' story and my bunnies are blushing at your sweet comment

@Theresa - now I am blushing!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts ;o) I think you could well be right about Holly. Chester (the cat) is the same age as her and usually they are best buds, but - every now and then, Holly gives him this "look" and I wonder ....

Claire said...

Hey Yollie, those chicks are just so cute. We hatched 3 chicks last December and it was such a fun experience. Would love to do it again.

Great flower pics, love the closeups.
Spring is a beautiful time of year, there's so much going on, enjoy it,

Claire :}