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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angels feels Mother natures gift of renewal .... Sunrise.

Hello dear friends, Sweetie here
 As many of you who follow us on facebook may already be aware, my daddy-bun Angel fell very sick very suddenly, a couple of weeks ago.

Angel suffered a very bad case of GI Statis, whereby his digestive system slowed right down to the point of becoming near fatal.  I think he became stressed due to a 'soiled' bag of pellets Yollie recently purchased.  Inside the bag were droppings of an unknown rabbit (from the store they were bought) which's scent caused my mummy, Teegee to become very aggressive and attack us bunnies.  We have been separated for our own safety. Yollie is carefully and slowly trying to repair the damage and hopes to restore our bonds.
This unbalance to our delicate family unit continues to be a cause of stress and concern  to all of us, not least, Yollie.

Bonding issues aside, I am trilled to let you all know Angel made a full recovery with the constant critical care and help of his family and vet. We wish to thank everyone who sent us advise and words of kindness and support, Thank you.   To everyone who has experienced this health scare will understand how taxing it is for both carer and bunny, we feel honoured to have so many support us through it.   We sincerely hope we never have to go through it again!!

To say thank-you, Miss Princess took this photo to share with you all.  She took it before school - the very morning that Angel got his 'spark' back.  We knew he had begun his road to recovery and we were overjoyed.
- The Power of the Sun - 

Yollie however, was so shaken by the sudden turn of events, so soon after saying goodbye to Will and Chester, could not even bring herself to update the blog.

She had hoped to post the wonderful and exciting visit from Dr Harry much sooner than she actually did (if you missed it see Link) :http://fairycastlefarm.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/our-enchantment-has-reached-far-and.html

While Angel suffered in home critical care - Yollie would not leave his side.
 But I am happy to report that Yollie too, feels much better now, knowing her "little shadow" is back to his adorable and affectionate self.  She had a stern word with her little man, to never,ever scare her like that again!!

Just quietly, I also spied Holly (or as we think of her: 'Beast') saying a little prayer for Angel, well at least I think that is what she was doing.
Holly, aka Beast
 She has certainly felt the void left once Chester left for the bridge, and I could be mistaken in thinking she has warmed to us - just a little???

Well that is it from me.
Remember, don't be shy to say Hi!!

Love, Sweetie xoxox


Lisa H said...

I'm so glad to hear Angel is better <3

Jade said...

We are so very glad to hear that all is well at the Castle again--I hope the store where you purchased the pellets gave you a refund and a HUGE apology!

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Thanks Ladies. Lisa, I am so glad to be on the other side of GI Statis I cant begin to tell you the fear and stress I went through let alone my poor boy...
The saga continues continues however.... unfortunately Jade, no :O( they did not ..... I have as of tonight placed all four babies on Panacure. I have a 'gut feeling' about Angel, I don't want to be right, but he is slightly 'off' ... my vet agrees, we do not know what could be in the contaminated food, so better be safe than sorry. xx

Clovie Boy said...

Sounds like you have had some real challenges. I sure hope things return to normal for you and all your animals.

Nice picture of the sun, Yollie.

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear you went through all that but what a relief to know he is doing at least a bit better! Good luck with the re-bonding and I will keep my fingers crossed that Angel stays on the mend and that no one else gets sick.

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Sue, Yes it has been tough,I love them so dearly, sometimes I wonder why it feels like we are always riding a rollercoaster? But then I think, if keeping so many beautiful and special babies means a rollercoaster ride, well then I would not have it any other way! thanks so much for stopping by :O)

Hi Lisa thanks so much, we will keep you posted on the re-bonding process :O) It just has to work!! xx