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Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mummy Got Busted ..... Big Time!!!

Good Day All,
It's Sweetie here ....

Blossom does not look impressed!

Did you want to know why??

Well have a look at what My Yollie caught my mummy, Teegee doing today, while we were having our supervised run through our kingdom.......

It started out quite innocently, Mummy-Bun looks like she is investigating the scrummy seedlings, just starting to grow ...
but then ....
My Mummy -Bun's tummy seems to take over ...
Oh No!
Bad Bunny!!!!!

Don't Do it Mummy, its not too late,      Too Late :0(

Mummy - Bun realises she has been BUSTED BIG TIME!!!
She even hangs her head in shame, and looks for the way out....

Finally, a dash for home!!!
OH Boy, Naughty Bunny!!!!  So What do you reckon?  Will she get in big trouble?  Or will My Yollie be soft on her?

  We know My Yollie is a big softie, this is probably why Mummy-Bun snuk in there in the first place. Mummy told me she learnt her lesson, and will wait until given the yummy, scrummy leaves next time, truly.   

We will have to wait and see. Would you trust this face??
No? Well what about this one?
Me neither, but like I said, My Yollie is a big softie.  Take care everyone ...  till next time ...  
Sweetie signing off ;0)


mangocheeks said...

Bad bunny indeed, but thank goodness for Yolle the softie.

You have a wonderful, humorous and warm hearted blog. It is lovely to make yor acquaintance, as well as the residents of Fairy Castle Farm.

Also Thank you so, so much for your lovely comment and becoming a follower. It truly is appreciated.

"Sweetie" the English Spot Bunnie said...

Mangocheeks, it is a pleasure to follow your bog! Thanks for visiting, and your kind words about my blog.

I pretty much started it because these are the stories I would tell my husband and daughter during dinner (the days capers through Sweetie's eyes). Then I stumbled across this "blogger" thingy on the web and viola' "Fairy Castle Farm" was born! Thanks again , please visit anytime. Cheers, Yollie

Jason said...

I think you have to be hard on this kind of behaviour. Stealing is stealing. If you don't stamp on it now what will be next the pantry, the local shopping mall? 3 months without carrots I say.

"Sweetie" the English Spot Bunnie said...

Hey Jason,

Sweetie thumped really hard after reading your comment, she tried to hide it, but I managed to get her out the way to read it for myself.

Hmmmm, I'll see what their reaction to your suggestion is ... my husband said to just show them the big pot!! How cruel. The problem is, you look at their little furry faces and you just can't be angry with them any more. I know, I need to toughen up. Take care, Yollie