Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some quick Flicks .....

Hi Sweetie here, 
My, my how the blog has been busy this week, there have even been visitors from Estonia!!  Thank you all for coming to see our little Kingdom. My Yollie passes on all your wonderful comments so please keep leaving them!!  
So, what has been happening today you ask?
My Yollie took some video of us today.  
I have to apologise she is terrible with the camera the footage is dark and shaky at the best of times, so please bear with it and just humour her (we do).  
In this first one, which goes for a while, you will see my daddy, Angel wanting to be the star of the show.  He chases Patches away, who then keeps trying to muscle in on daddy's lime light!!  Enjoy.
In this flick you will see daddy Angel and me doing some housekeeping. We have to earn our keep you know!! 
Look at how daddy's ear pops up when My Nannie calls out ... very funny ...
Here finally,  you will see us allogrooming (definition here:http://www.encyclo.co.uk/define/allogrooming ), which is what bunnies in the wild love to do most. This is where we all come together in a quiet, warm, cosy and safe place and groom ourselves and each other.  We pretend not to notice when My Yollie comes over to sit with us while we groom. Or sometimes if she gets too close, well she gets a grooming too!!

Take care all, till next time.
Sweetie ;0)
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