Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yay for School Holidays!!

Howdy all,

Welcome to all our new guests from around the world, Ukraine, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, Canada just to name a few!!  Thanks for visiting.

Well it is the start of the Easter School Holidays and our little Human is home for 2 whole weeks.  We cannot get enough of her!!  It has been binkies, nudges and bunny races non stop!!

So today it is a quick update, because my little human is working on her own entry for tomorrows post and she has even taken the photos herself!!!  So here is a sneak preview ......

She's not to shabby with the ol' camera is she? She is only 7 years old!!!  We love her soooo much!

Hope you like it so far and tomorrow you will see even more.

Also sadly, our  Old Girl Blossom, seems to have taken a turn for the worse today and we are praying for her. She does not seem to be in pain and is still wanting to eat and drink, but she is not able to move around much on her own anymore. We pray she is at peace soon and we are keeping her as comfortable as possible.  Thanks for all your kind words and your good thoughts and well wishes for our Old Girl.

Finally, Take care and don't forget to let us know what you think!!

Sweetie oxox
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