Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide

Sweetie, English Butterfly Bunny & Tour Guide
Hi and welcome to "Fairy Castle Farm" I hope you enjoy your stay! I should introduce myself, my name is Sweetie and I am a resident of Fairy Castle Farm. Well it's not actually a farm, but a suburban home in the southern suburbs of South Australia. I am a rare Old English Spot Bunny, and absolutely love life here with all my family and some good friends too... let me take you on a tour ....

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jungle June!

Hi it's Sweetie, as promised here is another instalment of:  " Jungle June's Tropical Holiday Pix"!!

This first one was taken in Seminyak, My Yollie just liked the look of the stall, but didn't eat there...
 Here we have some pictures taken at Waterbom Park in Kuta.....  They had the best time here.  Little Lani (7yo) LOVED this tip bucket the best.  But she also enjoyed the water slides.  They were a bit much for My Yollie!

 Now we see Lani all dressed and ready for "A Night at Bali Zoo" which included a night encounters tour, feeding of the animals and Dinner with a Fire Dance Show.  They had a wonderful night!

 this fella is a Binterong , related to the Civet.
 the Fire dance was very neat!
 Finally I have some pictures of the Barong and Khris dance.  It is a play based on the Balinese Hindu believes of good v's evil with some funny side kicks and king, his daughter and a good white monkey thrown in for good measure.  My Yollie thoroughly enjoyed it and little miss Lani was glued from the first beat of the Gamelan music until the last!

 Just to give you a taste of what's to come, below you see the "Donut". This is the ride of doom! Where Lani was recorded in saying "I saw my life flash before my eyes!!!"
Stay safe, keep warm if you are experiencing a bitterly cold winter as we are, and I will  chat with you all real soon.  With more snaps, this time from Turtle Island ooooohhh interesting.

Bye for now, Sweetie xoxoxoxo
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